Angela Galvan’s fist solo exhibition took place in 2010 in Forte Tron (Venice).

Currently, one of her paintings is exhibited at the Biennale of Venice in the pavilion 29.

Next solo exhibition will be held in Budapest next February.

Lately, she’s been exhibiting in Venice, Pisa, Budapest and Slovenia.
Currently she exhibits alone or with others, and she is an active member of the collective of painters Hungarian movin’ gallery.


Catalog of the exhibition “Creators of our time”


Opening speech by Duncan Watson

It is my pleasure to open this exhibition, ‘Boys’, by Angela Galvan, here at Pizzica. Angela is originally from Venice and has studied Philosophy as well as fine arts and history of art, drawing. She has lived in England and is now resident in Budapest. I very much enjoy Angela’s works. To explain why I would like to quote from THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA by Friedrich Nietzsche. In particular from the first section on reading and writing: Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his blood. Write with blood, and you will find that blood is spirit. Angela’s work contain spirit. They are alive. In this exhibition, entitled ‘Boys’ the boys depicted look out from the pictures at us; they are more than just paint and graphite. In this we can see the magic and soul of good art. It is made with blood. The works take considerable time to make and considerable love too. In this particular selection of works it is interesting to separate the works out into two categories, which I will call the literal and the symbolic. In the literal works the subject is recognisable. Yes, look that is a picture of Carl! In the symbolic the subject is men or boys and the original model is submerged in the meaning of the work. In these terms the men act as muses for Angela, the male muse. I would like to talk about one specific work. This is the blindfolded man. If we remove the blindfold the work will be in the literal category whereas now it stand in the symbolic. For me this is the pivot in the balance of the selection of works. The creative process is of course embedded in the works. The creative process is very personal and intimate. While the final works are based on photos, and could be called photo-realistic at times, the creation of these images is one which is founded in a personal relationship between Angela and the model. Perseverance and blood is required to complete the process and the works. Something of interest for me is that all the works are of men. In the history of art naked women have been a staple. Angela’s works are neither pornographic, nor voyeuristic or detached, rather, they are connected and intimate, made of blood and spririt. I announce this exhibition open!




Italian artists Francesca Menichelli and Angela Galvan performed and illustrated the process of creation in a one day event at the Puccs gallery, Budapest. The exhibition showed a series of sculpures, drawings and objects that play with the idea of metamorphosis: phytomorphic humans, ever-changing portraits and anatomical parts transformed into something else and melted together. 
Viewers had the possibility to participate as models for a collective portrait.